Our Mission

To provide a forum for members and partners of the highway industry that fosters education, innovation, and fellowship; promoting a safe, sustainable and efficient highway system.

Our Vision

The American Society of Highway Engineers Greater Hampton Roads Chapter will be the regionally recognized forum for the highway industry.


  • Education and Innovation
  • Diversity
  • Integrity and Ethics
  • Collaboration
  • Quality of Life
  • Fellowship


  • Increase Visibility
  • Maintain Membership and Expand Market Diversity
  • Promote Education
  • Educate Highway Decision Makers

The realization of the enormous growth of the highway industry in the Mid-20th century, in particular, the inauguration and implementation of the National System of Interstate and Defense Highway Act of 1956, and the recognition that the knowledge for such a program could only be consummated by the whole-hearted and integrated efforts of all persons associated with the highway industry, led to the formation of the American Society of Highway Engineers with the intent and determination to assume its responsibility for the development of the rapid growing demands of the highway industry.

Recent News

THIS MEETING HAS BEEN CANCELED ASHE-GHR Members and Non-Members, Due to recent precautions taking place in Virginia amongst the various transportation industry organizations regarding COVID-19, we have decided to cancel this March 24, 2020 ASHE-GHR dinner meeting. Please stay tuned as we continue to monitor the situation for when our next meeting will be held. […]

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Join us for a dinner meeting presentation with Kim Eccles, P.E. on Emerging Data Sources and Transportation Decision-Making Tuesday, January 21, 2020! Crash, roadway characteristic, and traffic volume data are foundational to making sound decisions on the safe operation of our Nation’s roadways. Recent advances in technology provide an opportunity to further understand how to […]

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