Please join us for a webinar presentation by Marcus Nadav and his team from RDV Systems on Roadway Safety Audits 3D Technology. This webinar will take place Tuesday September 22, 2020 from 12:00PM to 1:00PM.

RDV’s Road Safety Audit 3D encompasses a full analysis of any road, proposed design or existing for sight distance, bridge clearance, flat spots, glare and so much more. Traditional RSA approaches rely solely on historical crash data, showing the WHAT of road safety, but without giving insight as to the physical causes at the root of the numbers. RSA 3D focuses on the WHY, revealing substandard safety-related conditions that underlie crash statistics.

Roadway crashes in the United States account for more than 38,000 deaths and over 4 million serious injuries every year.
Many of these crashes are caused by roadways which DO NOT meet the minimum safety design requirements set by AASHTO.
Road Safety Audit 3D is an innovative analytic technology that tackles the engineering challenges we face using a truly revolutionary approach to Road Safety.

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